Elevate Your Style with the Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody


Discover timeless elegance and functional luxury with the Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody. Invest in lasting quality with a bag that complements your style effortlessly. Buy now for a sophisticated upgrade!

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Isn’t it a bit challenging to find a bag that’s stylish and practical at the same time? Well, consider your search over. Let’s now introduce you to the Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody bag, which has become quite the rage.

Introduction to the Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody Bag

The Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody combines quality craftsmanship and feminine sophistication. It’s the go-to bag for many women who appreciate style without compromising functionality.

Overview of Its Key Features and Design

Boasting of its rich, polished leather and signature Frye design elements, this crossbody bag features a spacious interior and multiple pockets perfect for keeping your essentials organized. The adjustable shoulder strap guarantees comfortable wear, enhancing the bag’s overall appeal. Consider your accessory game officially upgraded with the Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody bag. Indeed, a real charmer!

Product details:

  • Crafted from antiqued pull-up leather.
  • Features a double zip top for convenient access.
  • Offers ample storage with 1 exterior back slip pocket, 2 interior slip pockets, and 1 zip pocket.
  • Comes with a removable padded crossbody strap for adaptability.
  • Measurements: Approximately 8.25″ X 11.8″ X 4″ with a 23″ shoulder drop and a weight of 1.6 lbs.
  • Strap is convertible.

Product Description

Here’s a detailed look at the Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody bag, showcasing its unique features and quality craftsmanship on full display.

Antiqued pull-up leather and cotton blend lining

The Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody bag features high-quality, antiqued pull-up leather, contributing to its distinctive vintage look. The robust yet soft material is designed to last, exuding a timeless appeal. Inside, you will find a cotton blend lining, ensuring your belongings are carefully cushioned.

Double zip top and exterior slip pocket

Convenience meets style with this bag’s smart design. A double zip top ensures your essentials are well secured, while an exterior slip pocket offers instant access to frequently needed items like your phone or keys. This combination provides both security and ease-of-use, elevating your daily bag experience.

Interior Organization

The Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody bag is not just about an appealing exterior; its interior is designed for practicality.

Two Interior Slip Pockets and One Zip Pocket

Inside the bag, you’ll find two interior slip pockets and one zip pocket. These compartments offer ample space to stow away your essential items – whether your phone, wallet, or that favorite compact mirror, there’s a convenient spot for each.

Convenient Storage Options for Essentials

The bag’s thoughtful configuration provides easy access and handy storage options for your day-to-day essentials, ensuring an organized and premium carry experience on the go.

Comfort and Versatility

The Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody comes with features to enhance your comfort and versatility on the go.

Removable Padded Crossbody Strap

A key feature of this bag is its removable padded crossbody strap. This thoughtful design ensures you can carry it around comfortably, even for extended periods. You don’t have to worry about the strap digging into your shoulder, providing a pain-free experience.

Convertible Design for Shoulder Bag Option

The bag also features a convertible design. You can quickly transform the medium crossbody into a shoulder bag, offering two stylish ways to carry your essentials. Its dual-function serves both style and practicality, truly embodying the Frye brand’s commitment to detailed craftsmanship and functionality.

Size and Dimensions

The Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody is designed with dimensions that accommodate daily necessities while maintaining a sleek profile.

Approximate Measurements and Weight of the Bag

The bag measures approximately 9 inches in height, 10 inches in width, and 3 inches in depth, making it a compact yet roomy accessory. Weighing in at a comfortable 1.2 pounds, it is lightweight enough to be carried around for an entire day without causing discomfort.

Ideal Size for Everyday Use

Small enough to avoid feeling bulky but spacious enough to hold essentials like your wallet, phone, keys, and a few makeup items, the Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody proves itself as the perfect everyday bag. It strikes the right balance between functionality and style, making it a fitting choice for the modern, on-the-go woman.

Quality and Durability

When it comes to quality and durability, the Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody truly shines.

Frye’s reputation for high-quality craftsmanship

Renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, Frye has outdone themselves with the Melissa Medium Crossbody. The careful attention to detail in the construction of this bag is evident, solidifying Frye’s esteemed reputation in the industry.

Long-lasting leather and sturdy construction

Constructed with Frye’s signature antique pull-up leather, the bag is designed to last. Its sturdy construction ensures it withstands daily use while retaining its elegance and style. Truly, a testament to Frye’s commitment to quality and durability.

Pros and Cons


  • Made from high-quality antiqued pull-up leather
  • Double zip top for added security
  • Multiple interior and exterior pockets for organization
  • Removable padded crossbody strap for versatility
  • Medium-sized bag with a spacious interior
  • Stylish and timeless design
  • Comes in a variety of colors to suit personal style


  • Potential for the leather to scratch or show signs of wear over time
  • May not be suitable for those who prefer a lightweight or minimalist bag design.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews provide a first-hand insight into the quality and appeal of a product. This is no different for the Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody bag.

Feedback and Opinions from Customers

The customer feedback for the Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody bag is generally positive. Many customers have hailed it as the perfect blend of style and functionality, centering their compliments on its excellent craftsmanship and enduring design. Some users have also praised the bag for its spacious compartments and the high quality of leather. This bag, undeniably, reflects Frye’s legacy of first-rate quality and style.

Color and Style Options

The Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody bag isn’t just about functionality and craftsmanship; it’s also about personal style.

Available Color Variations for the Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody

Recognizing that color plays a crucial role in expressing one’s style, Frye offers the Melissa Medium Crossbody bag in a variety of hues. Whether you feel drawn to a classic, versatile black or prefer a bold, standout red, there’s a color choice to reflect your personal taste.

Different Style Choices to Suit Individual Preferences

The bag also features different style choices, accommodating diverse preferences. Its adjustable strap provides versatility in how one chooses to wear it – as a shoulder bag or across the body – further amplifying its appeal to style-conscious individuals.


The Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody certainly presents a perfect blend of functionality, craftsmanship, and personal style. With its versatile color choices and adjustable strap, it caters to varied style preferences, making it a desirable accessory for those style-conscious individuals.

Overall Assessment and Final Thoughts on the Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody

In conclusion, this well-crafted bag is more than an accessory; it is a style statement. It offers a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, helping encapsulate one’s unique fashion sense in an everyday accessory.

Recommendation for Potential Buyers

For anyone in search of a reliable, stylish, and versatile handbag, the Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody is undoubtedly worth considering. It’s a worthwhile investment that is sure to complement a range of styles and occasions. With its blend of durability and design, this Frye bag remains an attractive option for potential buyers.


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Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody
Elevate Your Style with the Frye Melissa Medium Crossbody