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13 Best Designer Crossbody Bags for Moms | ft. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, YSL

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I’m going to be taking you through 13 of the best designer crossbody bags for moms if you are in the market for a  luxury crossbody bag.

I will reveal out of the 13 that I take you through which one I think is the best everyday crossbody which one I think is the best evening crossbody and the best value for money if you like any of the bags that I’m about to take you through then don’t worry I’ve got you covered if you want to purchase any of them.

Best Designer Crossbody Bags for Moms

When it comes to shopping for crossbody bags, there are many options. It is also possible to get the brand bag, but then you need to decide what you want.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Bag

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis bag
Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis bag

Ok, we have 13 bags to go through the first crossbody bag is probably one of the most popular crossbody designer bags ever of all time.

This is the Louis Vuitton pochette Metis bag and I’ll show you why I’ll go through kind of the pros and cons that I found with the bags that I’ve currently got so the pochette Matisse you can get this in the normal monogram canvas you can get it in the reverse canvas that’s the one that I decided to go for just because it looks a little bit different you can also get them full leather versions and ink some bright like solid colors some nude colors.  

I really really like them and the reason this bag is so popular is just that it’s so useful it only comes in one size so you don’t know size paralysis you don’t get that it’s just this is the size and it is I would definitely say a really great bag for everyday use.  

There are three ways that you can wear this bag you can use the top handle like this one has a black leather top handle there so you can choose to carry it but you also get the best part of the bag a detachable strap here.

You can use it as a shoulder bag or obviously as a crossbody bag it sits I think this is one of the best bags in terms of how it sits on the body sits at the perfect height but depending on your height as well you can adjust the strap here, now I’ll just show you around the bag really quickly to open the bag you simply pinch these together this pops the lock here and I’ve currently got this stuffed with a bubble wrap. 

But you get two large compartments there which keep things separate which is really useful and you also get a compartment at the back on the back of the bag you also get a zip compartment here it’s all very nice it’s lined with suede this can fit a normal size iPhone in the back just to give an idea I think you could also get a plus size in there so that’s one thing I really do like about this bag because if you are constantly picking your phone up like I am to take pictures or videos whatever it is um you can just quickly grab your phone without having to go into the bag.

Some really quick pros and cons that I have found with this bag and because it’s been so popular a few things can go wrong with this bag mine’s still perfectly fine but if you do use this as a workhorse the bag has it’s quite well known for having a lot of glazing around the edges of the bag which is this part here and this can crack.  

Then I’ve also seen them because this concertina is out so you can make it like bigger and smaller sometimes the canvas here can also crack that hasn’t happened with this bag, with mine specifically but I haven’t used it a lot and the only other downside with this bag is this lock here on the front obviously it’s very shiny um as you are opening the bag and closing it a lot and trying to get this into the hole to get it to close. 

It can get a bit frustrating the bag kind of needs to be full for you to do that but it can scratch as well so I’ve actually got hardware protectors on this bag. 

Than those cons, I would say the thing about this bag is it’s such a good size and the fact you’ve got your two big compartments inside you’ve got your additional you’ve got your zipper on the back it’s just really useful that is why it’s so popular.  

So out of ten, I would rate the Louis Vuitton percept Metis about seven mostly due to some of the manufacturing issues with the glazing the canvas cracking, and also the hardware on the front it does scratch quite easily.  

If you don’t have hardware protectors on there if you’re interested in purchasing hardware protectors I’ll pop a link up here for you they’re about 10 pounds they are so worth it to stop I’ve seen so many of these absolutely ruined but overall I think seven out of ten. 

Louis Vuitton Odeon Bag

Louis Vuitton Odeon Bag
Louis Vuitton Odeon Bag

Bag number two is another one from Louis Vuitton this is actually my most used everyday bag this is the Louis Vuitton Odeon bag this is the pm size but you can also get this in an mm size which is larger than this if you want to carry more and again this is quite similar to the pochette Metis here in terms of size.  

This one’s taller and this one will fit a small bottle of water in you can stand a bottle of water up this one is not so much so I’ve actually found that I use this more when I’m going on walks and stuff the pochette Metis is probably a bit dressier than the odeon bag.  

Overall I really like this one definitely has more of a casual vibe if that’s what you are going for you get a really thick leather strap there very comfortable to wear, I went with the black leather you can get the normal vachetta leather as well as most useful you’ve got a huge pocket on the front here. 

I currently have a mask inside but what I will do again because I like to get I will be able to access my phone quite easily I just pop my phone in the front of the bag which makes it so much easier or anything that I need to access really easily and then I can keep everything else inside the bag which I won’t need to access so much.

It’s very secure because you’ve got the zipper on there I would actually say this is probably maybe like an eight out of ten kind of number and the reason being is it’s just got fewer things to go wrong with it than the perceptive so that is why I’m rating it slightly higher but this one only really works if you want to go for more of a casual vibe.  

Louis Vuitton Bum bag

Louis Vuitton Bumbag
Louis Vuitton Bum bag

Next up is the Louis Vuitton bum bag I promise not all the bags are going to be Louis Vuitton I’m just starting with Louis Vuitton so this is the bum bag I have the world tour version.

That is why it has black leather um you can get the cheaper version which is just the normal one with vachetta leather but I really like black leather I just think it’s much easier to maintain and I’m more likely to use the bag world tour version um you do have to wait longer for them and you do have to customize them with a sticker so mine has a Louis  Vuitton lock.  

On the back there but yeah I really really love this bag I wasn’t so sure about it before I actually got one and but I’ve absolutely I’m like such a  bum bag convert now I adore it so you might be saying this is a bum bag this is not a cross body bag I see people and I use this bag I don’t think I’ve ever actually worn it as a  bun bag but obviously I have that option you can’t take this strap off it is like fully attached so you can’t swap straps.  

But I have extended mine so that I can use it as a shoulder bag but again because you can extend it quite a lot you can also use it as a crossbody bag and I would actually give this about an eight to nine out of 10 scores. 

Which is really high for a crossbody bag even though it’s not meant to be a crossbody bag and that’s just because I feel so safe using this bag um when I’ve got like important things in there I don’t know I don’t feel like someone could easily get access to the bag that’s a really important thing for me.  

and again because I got the one with black leather I’m just so happy to kind of use it every day so if you want a  cross body that you can just throw around and throw on it feels safe and secure it’s not too big it’s never going to get too heavy because you can’t put huge items in here but you can fit everything that you need for everyday phone purse keys that kind of thing yeah I would say eight to nine out of ten. 

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière
Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière

Next up is the Louis Vuitton speedy Bandoulière bag I’m not sure exactly how you pronounce that but we’re just going to roll with it this is mine I have a speedy 30.  they’re often referred to as short-term speedy bees and the difference between the speedy and the speedy bees is that the bandoulière bundlier versions have this hoop on the side of the bag and you get a detachable strap like so.  

This one can be fully adjustable so you can wear it obviously as a shoulder bag or as a crossbody bag I can adjust this if I want it to sit higher because it’s sat quite low at the minute.

I highly recommend I know it’s tempting to go for cheaper versions sometimes I highly recommend the speedy bee versions I would never get this bag without these straps on the side if I could help it you can get the speedy 25 which refers to centimeters 30 centimeters that’s what this one is you get 35 centimeters too so there’s a nice range of sizes there whichever speeder you want to go for.  

So overall I think this is a really great cross body and a lot of crossbody bags are quite small in size because crossbodies tend to work better with a smaller size bag but this one worked really really well and it’s obviously much bigger than the other cross body bags that we’ve already taken a look at. 

So if you are in need of a  larger crossbody I would highly recommend this one now I would give this maybe a seven to eight out of ten um cons I don’t really have any cons about this bag, to be honest, it’s really easy to use it does exactly what you expect it to it doesn’t have the like external pockets on or zippers so it’s not like the most practical for me every day like you know if you want to grab your phone and you don’t have that option with this you have to go into the entire bag.  

and the way that these bags are made you can get into them but this opening maybe isn’t as easy to get into um well it is but like finding things in the bottom of the bag you can’t kind of see everything in there sometimes. 

I see this probably more as an everyday work travel bag when you need to take more with you it wouldn’t be my like everyday crossbody bag if I was heading out shopping somewhere so this one’s more good for things like travel and when you need to carry a bit more and that’s why I’ve given it a  seven to eight out of ten.  

Saint Laurent Loulou Bag

Saint Laurent Loulou Bag
Saint Laurent Loulou Bag

The next bag is the saint Laurent Loulou bag you can get this in about four different sizes but the one that I have here is the lulu toy bag which is the smallest size and it is super cute.

So this is a very simple crossbody bag you just have one flap opening you don’t have anything on the back of the bag it’s really simple here open it up and you’ve got one sorry yeah one large compartment with a divider down the middle there if you can see that and you’ve got a zipper compartment at the back. 

Now what you get inside because this one’s got some card slots differs depending on which size you go for but the YSL Loulou bag is a very popular crossbody from Saint Laurent.  

The reason being is I actually feel this is more of a dressy bag so I would use this one as an everyday bag but I wouldn’t go on a walk with it like around a forest meeting friends for a coffee I wouldn’t wear this one because it feels a little bit too.  

um almost special like it’s a full-on leather bag this would probably be this this would  definitely be like an everyday maybe like a nice shopping trip in London or something like that  and then

you could also take it out for food in the evening and it definitely wouldn’t look out of place you’ve got detachable straps here and then you can adjust this strap here but not by a lot there are like three perforated holes there that is.  

Just throw it on as a cross body uh it hits quite low on the body there but the one thing that I do like about longer straps is when in winter if you’ve got big jumpers on or big coats on you need that longer strap so that it sits crossbody nicely. 

I would give this one a seven out of ten just because I know that the corners of the bottom corners of these bags can wear quite a lot and you don’t have that external pocket on the outside of this let’s say this is the toy version. 

But don’t think to correct me if I’m wrong I don’t think you do get a  pocket on the back of any of the other sizes but yeah if you are looking for a dressier one definitely go for this one overall 7 out of ten from me. 

YSL Sunset Bag

YSL Sunset Bag
YSL Sunset Bag

For the next designer crossbody, we are going even dressier than the last one we are going to Saint Laurent yet again I do feel like a lot of their bags are dressier this is the sunset bag I love this bag it’s so simple like the lulu bag but even more dressy more boxy a bit more structured you can get this in a wallet on a chain which is a tiny one a small medium that’s what this one is and you can also get a large version.  

I decided to go with the medium though and that was definitely the best size for me a slight con with this bag is that it is quite heavy and you’ve got quite a nice chain on here it’s not the lightest it’s also a great bag in terms of its size. 

Because you can concertina out to make it slightly bigger you get two compartments inside there one at the back one at the front and then another pocket here on the front of the bag so you’ve got absolutely loads of compartments you can’t fit because it’s got so many compartments you can’t fit large items in here but it just helps to keep everything structured inside the bag like your phone purse little things like that hand sanitizer whatever it is that you need. 

I would give this an 8 to 9  out of 10. and one of the reasons is that compared to other evening bags such as if you wanted a Chanel bag this one is well under half the price of a lot of Chanel bags. 

So I highly recommend this if you are looking for a designer evening bag it doesn’t have a top handle it does have a pocket on the back for your phone but let me just show you quickly you can use it as a shoulder bag and then here we go as a cross body bag. 

I think this one sits ideally this is the medium again and it’s just such a lovely size I think it really is well suited to a crossbody bag so yeah overall eight to nine out of ten. 

Chanel 19 Bag

Chanel 19 Bag
Chanel 19 Bag

Staying with the slightly dressier theme but with some casual vibes next, is the Chanel 19 bag I have two 19 bags this is a large size, this is black tweed and I also have a small size here in leather this is the caramel color.

I actually got quite a few questions when I got both of these sizes which one is the best crossbody bag because this is one of the best crossbody bags from Chanel definitely like it was designed to be a crossbody you can use them with their top handle.  

So that looks quite cute um you can’t detach the strap it is a chain it’s on there that is not coming off you can use it here as a shoulder bag but it’s best to use a crossbody bag so yeah that sits really nice size again similar to the YSL that I just showed you.  

Let me just show you quickly this is the large size because a lot of people said the large like okay to use as a crossbody bag so this is the large as a crossbody I mean obviously it is quite a bit bigger um I don’t mind that I think it still looks fine as a crossbody bag so if you are looking for a  dressier um definitely more expensive. 

um crossbody bag this one that I think the Chanel 19 goes perfectly from day to night it’s definitely more of a casual evening bag but it’s definitely more of a dressy everyday bag and I’m really liking the kind of look and vibe of the 19.  

So that’s why I have two of them the small one is the better size for the crossbody just because it’s smaller and like I’ve already said smaller bags tend to be better crossbody they have that trusty external pocket you can put your phone in the back of the bag. 

So you don’t have to keep going into the bag and they’re one of the easiest bags to get into out of all the bags that I’ve shown you slash I’m going to show you this is probably the easiest one to get into you just open it out super simple inside there. 

I’ve actually got a  liner inside of here to protect the lining but you can just access and see everything inside of the bag so this is a very easy bag to use overall then given the fact that these bags are also quite heavy. 

because they’ve got quite a lot going on in terms of the chains the larges are quite heavy the small I mean I wouldn’t say it’s like super heavy but these definitely aren’t the lightest of bags. 

so that’s a bit of a con as well but given everything in total I would give these maybe a seven out of ten, the reason is the weight and how much they cost they are very expensive crossbody bags but I do think they are incredibly beautiful and easy to use if you are looking for something and you really like the 19.  

Chanel Le Boy Bag

Chanel Le Boy Bag
Chanel Le Boy Bag

Next is another Chanel bag this is one of my favorites after the 19 is the Chanel boy bag this is my 19p I believe it is gray this is the old medium size um so this is the medium kind of size out of the range you can get a small which is quite small and you can get a  large as well.  

This is in caviar leather with gold hardware and you can only wear this as a shoulder bag like so or you can extend the strap just get that like that and wear it as a crossbody the old medium sits higher than the small I’ve done a comparison video if you want to watch that. 

So you can see how they fall slightly differently small the strap on the small is longer than the medium some pros of the boy then it’s a very simple design they come in loads of different colors you’ve got those different sizes options available to you as well there are some cons to this bag though that I want to go through I’ll just show you as well. 

So it’s very easy to use very similar to the 19 bags just one big kind of compartment inside but the things that I find with this bag can be a little bit harder to get into like you kind of need to hold this flap open and whereas the 19 you can flip it back and it’ll stay back.  

So the boy doesn’t do that this is definitely I would say because it’s more structured you have no external pocket like you do on the 19 there’s nothing on the back there on any of them you don’t get that option so everything has to go inside the bag so you have to literally open the whole bag up every time you want to get something out of it the chain can sometimes get a  bit like tangled and a bit frustrating.  

Overall it’s okay um the boy as well will often I’ve not used this bag so much but it will wear on these corners and as you can see the actual bag is smaller than what it looks so they are deceivingly smaller than what they look this looks like quite a big bag but actually inside I would say it’s a small bag you can literally get like a purse and a phone in there.  

So for those reasons, this is hard because I really like this style of bag but in terms of like practicality I would probably give this a six out of ten as a designer evening bag I love it as an everyday bag it would probably get on my nerves so yeah a six out of ten for this one.  

Gucci Soho Disco Bag

Gucci Soho Disco Bag
Gucci Soho Disco Bag

Next is the Gucci Soho disco bag now I don’t personally have this in my collection um because I do appreciate and understand that this is such a popular bag if you want something it’s got the logo on the front but it doesn’t kind of scream it out you know it’s not like a monogram print it’s in in the full-on leather plenty of different colors as well.  

I’d probably say this was more popular a few years ago but it’s still popular to this day because it’s very useful you’ve just got a zipper across the top the retail in the UK is currently 865  pounds. 

I believe they are so probably just over a thousand dollars which aren’t too bad for a designer full leather bag overall I would give this bag a six out of ten you don’t have your external pocket you can’t change the chain that is on the bag.  

um yeah and I feel like they’re very simple but if that’s the style you are going for you can actually fit quite a lot in this bag it’s quite surprising you can get if you have to be quiet um organized though with how you put stuff into the bag stack it up and you can get quite a lot in there personally. 

I prefer it when you’ve got a bit of excess room and things aren’t like jammed in I like to carry too much with me clearly but if you are looking for an everyday bag that’s simple full-on leather it’s less than a  thousand pounds and not far off a  thousand dollars I definitely think the Gucci Soho is a  good one to consider but overall for me a six out of ten.  

Gucci Marmont Flap Bag

Gucci Marmont Flap Bag
Gucci Marmont Flap Bag

Another Gucci bag, next to the Gucci Marmont bag you can get this in a mini small medium a large, and maybe an extra large but basically, you’ve got a wide range of sizes this is a full leather bag I prefer the Marmont bag to the Gucci Soho disco there’s a little bit more going on there you know you’ve got your Gigi on the front in the hardware.  

You’ve got your nice chain with the leather strap on you could double it up as a shoulder bag or wear it as a crossbody bag so I think therefore worth the extra money compared to the Gucci Soho disco bag. 

it has a flap opening so you can get to everything inside of the bag overall I would give this a 7 out of 10  as a crossbody bag I know some people who use this bag absolutely like a workhorse and they still look really really good like the leather is fantastic quality on them.  

Prada Camera Bag

Prada Camera Bag
Prada Camera Bag

The next crossbody is from Prada and this is the camera bag I really like this from Prada so you can tell that it’s designer it’s going to have the quality uh you know of a parata bag however it doesn’t super shout it’s not a monogram again. 

You’ve just got the nice product on there I think this one is done really really well so it retails for around 950 pounds currently here in the UK I’m sure it will be above about a  thousand pounds very very soon so probably nearing about one and a half thousand dollars maybe slightly less than that in us. 

You can get it in quite a few different colors but yeah if I was looking for a  more simple definitely every day I wouldn’t use this as an evening bag um I prefer Saint Laurent bags for that then I definitely would look at this Prada camera bag I would give this a six to seven out of ten. 

I don’t think you’ve got your external pocket on the bag it’s very simple and very similar to the Gucci Soho disco bag I would be more inclined to go for the  Prada one because their saffian leather which is like it has a kind of texture to it it’s so great because if you scratch. 

it doesn’t necessarily show up too much as it would on smooth leather for example so I think Prada staffiano leather’s really really good quality and I wouldn’t be too scared to use this bag as way more of a workhorse and I prefer it to the Gucci bag because the Gucci one is more popular and I just like the look of the Prada one more as well. 

Givenchy Antigona Bag

Givenchy Antigona Bag
Givenchy Antigona Bag

The next crossbody from Givenchy is the Givenchy Antigona bag this is specifically the mini size this comes in various sizes however it is not a crossbody bag when you go for the small or medium they are just shoulder bags you cannot crossbody them mini however it comes with a detachable crossbody strap. 

So this is specifically about the mini I really love the Antigone I have it in the medium size I’ve had a small and I really like the mini as well reason being is that these bags just keep their shape and I just think they look again fantastic from every single angle it doesn’t matter there’s nothing inside.  

This bag now looks just as amazing as it would when it’s full you’ve got your top handles so you can use it like that or obviously you’ve got your strap to use as a  shoulder or crossbody bag I think it sits at quite a nice height obviously they’ve had to consider the handles here but I don’t think it sits too low or too high.  

I really like that about this bag and it’s very secure you’ve got a zipper across the top there and the only thing I will say again like similar to the speedy Bangalore because they’ve got a zip opening at the top you can’t access everything but if you have the bag full sometimes you kind of find yourself trying to dig around to find something at the bottom of the bag and that’s what. 

I find with openings like this but there are some cons to the antigona mini as well the main one I would say is these this fastening they decided to put on the bag is so frustrating so let me just show you it’s not like a clip you have to that you just do that there but you can bet I’ve been sat down before picked the bag up and somehow this has wiggled its way out um and then. 

I picked the bag up and it just goes flying on the floor a really simple I think design floor there that could really easily be solved and but overall I really do like the antigen because of this issue I would give this bag a  seven out of ten and the reason being is I love the structure I think this is actually quite a good bag to go from every day to an evening as you could just wear it as a top handle bag in the evening it doesn’t look out of place.  

Prada Cahier Bag 

Prada Cahier Bag 
Prada Cahier Bag 

Finally, this isn’t often talked about when it comes to crossbody bags but I actually quite like this bag it’s grown on me this is the  Prada Cahier bag another Prada bag um this is an old version with a lion knocker on the front some people really hate this style they don’t make this one anymore but the Cahier bag actually has quite a nice story um they’re actually meant to look like notebooks. 

That is why they have this edging on here so that if you look at it from the side or sorry the bottom there it looks like a book so I really like that um I think they’re really beautiful they’re quite different some slight cons they’re quite expensive it is two and a half thousand pounds to buy one brand new from the brand again Prada bags I generally go pre-loved because you can make some huge savings there. 

the Cahier bag is not lightweight especially not this one with the line on the front and they’ve got all this excess metal around the corners they don’t necessarily need it is a shoulder bag or you can adjust the strap as well if you do want to wear it crossbody what this looks like is a  crossbody bag. 

I think this sits so perfectly it doesn’t sit too high or too low and it very is a statement piece like everything from the detailing of the strap there when you’re wearing it just to the detailing of the edges of the back. 

I don’t know it just kind of want to use the word magical that is the word that comes to my mind when I think of this bag in terms of everyday practicality I definitely would rate this maybe a  5 out of 10.  

but as an evening bag and just something that makes you feel really special it’s quite different you know it’s not a  Louis Vuitton or a Chanel I feel like these are less common than I would give this probably like maybe an eight out of ten. 

I mean it’s a shame it’s not got a pocket on the back for your phone but I don’t feel like this bag was built for practicality it was built for drama it was built for aesthetics and I actually really appreciate that.

The Best Designer Crossbody Bags Verdict

So I promised at the start of this article that I would reveal out of all the 13 crossbody bags that I’ve just taken you through which ones are my favorite in terms of an evening bag an everyday bag and the best value for money. 

This has been an incredibly hard decision so all I can do is share with you the first one the best everyday bag from this crossbody collection and it’s the bag that I use the most as a crossbody I talk about this bag a lot, this is my favorite crossbody bag to use every day.  

The best designer crossbody bag that’s slightly dressier may be more for evenings hard choice again but I would go with a 19 bag I would go with a Chanel 19.  yeah, you can definitely use these in the day but I think due to their price for me anyway I’d be more inclined to use this on more special occasions and more in the evening. 

So for something that looks a bit dressier I would go with the 19. it’s kind of cool trendy vibes but also dressy vibes I’m a Chanel bag and the best value for money crossbody bag this has been really hard because there are some really popular bags here but yeah obviously taking into consideration the price. 

I would actually go for the Louis  Vuitton bum bag now the world tour is more like 1500 pounds but the normal one is just about 1 100, 2000 pounds. so it’s one of the cheaper bags that I went through today and just in terms of its like practicality like I say you can wear as a shoulder bag whereas a crossbody bag and it’s the only one that I’ve shown you out of all of them.  

best designer crossbody bags for moms

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