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I have curated about 7 bags that I currently have in my collection these are all the bags that I have worn on special occasions and these Best Handbag For Wedding Guest

these are 7 bags in my collection that I feel are perfect for special occasions and these are Best Handbag For Wedding Guest, of course, there are a ton of other bags out there that I think would be perfect as well but these are the ones that I own in my collection and these are the ones that I actually reach for those events.

Best Handbag For Wedding Guest

So what I will do is tell you a little bit about each bag I will share with you what fits and then I will kind of do mod shots and share with you events or occasions where I have used the bag that way it can give you guys some inspiration so let’s start with the first handbag.

YSL Uptown Clutch

YSL Uptown Clutch
YSL Uptown Clutch

This is a great-grade special occasion bag it is the YSL uptown clutch that has shiny leather and the ysl hardware it is a very very sleek design and then the back is just smooth leather there is a magnetic closure and it opens up. 

I will insert a little clip of what fits this definitely fits your essentials I usually use it to carry my phone and a cardholder you can put a little lipstick in there as well but keep in mind when you do fill it up it will kind of spread out a little bit but I love this bag it is perfect for those special occasions I wore this to a bachelorette party but I think this is the perfect guest of wedding bag as well.  

I have mentioned in prior videos that you can purchase chains this one I just got one from organizing my bag and you can turn this into a shoulder bag which is really really nice you just attach the chain and you can kind of carry it like so but I have mentioned to you guys you can also buy organizers where the chains will attach to each side. 

So then that way it’ll be a little more secure but this is a really really good bag I’ve considered getting it in other colors but if you are looking for that special occasion bag or just a  quick little clutch that you can use that fits your essentials definitely consider this one and as I stated there are so many colors to choose from.  

Beautiful Beige Color

ysl uptown clutch beige
YSL Uptown Clutch Beige

The next special occasion bag I want to mention is this beauty right here and very similar to the uptown clutch I think that this wristlet right here is perfect for weddings and I love how versatile it is I did do a comparison between this one and the ysl uptown clutch in case you guys are interested but I love this beautiful beige color.

 I did get this from the Farfetch website and I was looking for a clutch that was really versatile this is very versatile because it’s a wristlet so you can wear it as a wristlet you can also wear it as a clutch by removing this little wristlet or you can do the same thing where you just take the chain um attach it under here and you can kind of carry it as a shoulder bag love that as well and just very similar to the uptown pouch you can also purchase. 

The organizer is for the inside but this is great because it has the sturdy sturdy leather so this is really really durable it has a snap closure and then on the inside, there is a little pocket and then it is a pretty sizable bag where you can fit quite a bit you can fit your phone you can fit a wallet a cardholder and I will insert an overlay so you can see.

What fits in this bag it is great it is multifunctional not only can you wear this for special occasions but you can also wear this casually as well if you want to just grab the wristlet but this is perfect like the guest of a wedding date night type of bag. 

Because it’s little it’s durable it fits all your essentials it’s a really good one my only complaint I have mentioned before is I kind of wish it had a magnetic closure but it has the snap closure so if the bag is not full it is kind of a pain to like close it. 

I have found that when the bag is a little fuller it is a little easier but it’s not a big deal other than that I love this bag it is a little pricier than this one but it’s a great one it really really is I highly recommend it and just like the uptown clutch it does come in quite a few colors but if you’re interested in this beautiful beige I will link the exact one I purchased down below.

Chanel Woc Bag

Chanel Woc Bag
Chanel Woc Bag

The next bag I want to talk about is by Chanel and it is this Chanel Woc I think this bag is great it is so versatile because you can wear it casually during the day as a crossbody but I personally love to take this bag when I go to Las Vegas. 

because what I’ll do is I’ll just take this I’ll put it inside my carry-all during the day I will carry it kind of as a crossbody bag and then at night you can kind of use it as a little clutch or a long-shoulder bag. 

So I love this when I go to las vegas I absolutely do it is the perfect bag so you can see I do have the caviar I have the older one that does have the snap closure it has the little Mona Lisa pocket on the back and you open it up there is a zipper here and this one let me show you this little pocket goes all the way down so another thing I like is if I do go to vegas and I want to keep cash I can put it here and it goes all the way down.  

There is a little zip compartment here usually what I will do is I will keep cash and credit cards in here and then on the inside, I might keep a  cardholder and some lipstick but this is a great bag it really really so I could see you using this as like a nice little shoulder bag for a  wedding or a clutch. 

but it’s really good going out back like I said I really find this useful when I go to vegas that’s my favorite way to use it because it is so versatile so this is the next special occasion bag on my list.  

Chanel While Unchained Trendy CC

Chanel While Unchained Trendy CC
Chanel While Unchained Trendy CC

Speaking of Chanel I want to mention another wallet on a chain that I do use for special occasions I recently used this for my good friend’s wedding I will insert a pic of me wearing it and it is the Chanel while unchained trendy cc. 

The reason I gravitated towards this one is it does have the beautiful turn-lock closure so this is in the lambskin turn-lock closure the back it does not have a mona Lisa park pocket but it does have a plate on the top that says, Chanel.  

Now I was a little on the fence as to whether or not I wanted to get this bag because of the plate sometimes I thought it might be a little flashy but I would just make it so that the chain goes over the top of it so you can’t really see it but this is a really good one and because of the beautiful turn-lock closure it does fit um quite a bit.  

So there is a little pocket here there is a zip compartment here and this is where I keep like cash and cards then on the inside you can keep your phone you can also keep like a little card holder and a lipstick and I will insert an overlay so you can see what fits. 

But this is a great bag you can use it as a short-shoulder or a long-shoulder crossbody you can also tuck the chain on the inside if you want to just carry it as a clutch.

YSL Loulou Bag 

YSL Loulou Bag
YSL Loulou Bag

Ok I have three more bags to share next I want to talk about another YSL bag and it is this beautiful beautiful YSL loulou bag but in a small size now this one is a little larger than the previous four bags I have recommended.

It is such a beautiful beige and has silver hardware you can see the four grommets you can wear this as a short-shoulder bag or you can also pull the chain and wear it as a long-shoulder bag you can also wear it crossbody.

This is another bag I’ve worn casually as well but in today’s video we’re talking about special occasions and I’ve definitely gravitated toward this for date nights and that type of thing. 

So it has a magnetic closure and then on the inside, it has two compartments and then one zip compartment in the center this one obviously is a little larger so it is going to fit more than the previous four bags I mentioned but this is such a good one and I love this it also comes in black and a cream color I’ve kind of had the cream color on my radar.

Because I realized I don’t really have like a white bag in my collection but this is another really good special occasion date night bag you could wear this to a wedding I just love this it is just small enough that it could be included in that category but um it fits quite a bit it really does.

Chanel Medium Classic Flap in the Black Lambskin Silver Hardware

Chanel Medium Classic Flap in the Black Lambskin Silver Hardware
Chanel Medium Classic Flap in the Black

Ok, the next bag I want to mention is another Chanel bag and this is the bag that I always seem to gravitate towards for the most part when it comes to date night bags whenever my husband and I go on a date night I always gravitate towards this one for the most part and it is my  Chanel medium classic flap in the black lambskin silver hardware.

I have told you so many times this was such a special purchase I saved up my money I went into the boutique and I just it was the most money I’ve ever spent on a handbag and I think since I purchased it the price has since doubled.  

But I think this is the perfect size for a date night it really is so again I have the black lambskin you have the mona Lisa pocket you have the four grommets um I opted for the silver hardware.  

at the time when I purchased this like 10 years ago the silver hardware was actually really hard to track down I was able to get the gold but I really wanted the silver I’m so glad I got it I do have the double flap there is a zip compartment here but unlike the work, it doesn’t go all the way down it just kind of goes up here.  

Double flap you have this beautiful red oh that has its stuff hold on you have this beautiful burgundy interior there’s a slot here where you can put your phone if you want but this is another great bag because it fits your essentials I usually carry my phone a little while you can do a cardholder you know some lipstick you know your keys uh really really good bag for sure.

and then who doesn’t love that turn lock closure I will usually either wear it as a  short shoulder uh long shoulder you can also wear it crossbody as well but usually when I go on date nights I’ll wear it kind of as a  short or long shoulder but there is nothing more beautiful than the Chanel classic flap.

Chanel Mini Rectangular in the Light Blue 

Chanel Mini Rectangular in the Light Blue 
Chanel Mini Rectangular in the Light Blue 

okay, the final bag that I want to mention as a date night bag is the Chanel mini rectangular in light blue this is from the cruise collection.

I did buy this bag pre-loved it was in great condition other than it’s a little bit of wear and tear on the back from when the prior owner wore it with some jeans but I was okay with that because I got it for less than retail and if you guys know me well you can tell by my earrings I love like tiffany blue turquoise that’s like my favorite.

So this is in the lambskin silver hardware uh you have the two grommets so it’s nice it’s a single flap so the chain goes all the way through there is the mona Lisa pocket and can you guys see where there is that color transfer.

 I could always take it into a Chanel and see if they could fix it but it’s not really a huge deal because usually if I wear the bag you see it this way and when I purchased the bag it came with you know everything like the receipt the authenticity card the box everything. 

So I figure like if I was gonna get this um from like fashion file brand new it would be like astronomical so I got such a good deal on this I’m so happy so any way you open it like this it has a little zip compartment and then you can see the interior there this is such a good one.

a beautiful pop of color the mini rectangular is a great size it fits a  lot too you can put your phone inside a wallet you know a compact lipstick this fits everything. 

So this would be my recommendation for that fun bag like if  you want if you’re going to like a day wedding or something like that or like a  graduation you know mother’s day I just love this bag and I’m so grateful that I was able to add it to my collection.

Those are my top 7 handbags for wedding guests and for special occasions I would love to know your thoughts on what is your go-to date night bag you have in your collection or are there any date night bags that are kind of on your wish list I always love to hear your opinions and thoughts as well so like usual.

Best Handbag For Wedding Guest


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